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Unicorns Illuminated Butterflies and Rainbows LED & Remote

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  • Why You Need This? 
    This unicorn LED canvas is a one of a kind. Imagine what it looks like in a dark room with the lights turned off! It really is a beautiful piece of art and only available at bkcanvas.com. Watch the room turn into something magical.

    Easy to put up on any wall as it's lightweight and looks amazing next to the bed.

    Comes with over 22 amazing effects, you can choose any of them that suits your mood. Perfect for the kids that find it hard to get to sleep so if you put the canvas up in their room and switch it on to changing colors, you will find they will watch it and slowly start to fall asleep. Also great for adults if you love Unicorns. Rainbows, glitter and bright things. Hey, we don't judge! 

    Can also be used as one color for a night light next to the bed so the kids aren't scared of any monsters coming to get them while trying to get to sleep :) 

    Our Canvas Art Is Out Of This World!

    We Are Big Lovers When It Comes To Canvas Wall Art. It's Something That Can Turn A Boring & Dull Looking House Into A Warm, Colorful, Bright, Exciting And Fun Place To Be.

    When You Buy Your New Canvas, You Won't Get A Normal Canvas That Does Nothing Like 99% Of Them. Here At BkCanvas, You Will Be Able To Get Something That Will Light Up Any Room In Your Home And Make It Personal, Warm & Exciting!

    Hang Up Your New Canvas On The Wall To Show Case The Beautiful Art During The Day, And Make It Come To Life By Turning It On At Night Time!

    There's Nothing Ever Like It And Now You Can Have it! We Have Something For Everyone And A Full Range That Is Constantly Growing. Doesn't Matter Who You Are, We Have Something You WIll Love! We Also Have Some Great Kids LED Canvas! They Will Love Them!