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About Us


BKCANVAS Isn't just your normal store, we are dedicated to give you amazing products that you will love and even better customer service. The team at BKCANVAS have a really positive attitude to life, people and of course, the brand BKCANVAS. We really want to make a huge impact in the world as we believe we really have the best products.... EVER! 

So Who Are We? 
Ever since a young age, we all have loved art and creating things. The last few years we have seen a few canvas brands that sell the same thing as everyone else and we thought of an amazing idea. How About A Canvas That Lights Up? OMG! 

The thing with LED lights is they light up any room. Every time we walk into a house that has bright lights we always feel more energetic and alive. Compare that to walking into a house with no lights, nothing! Just seemed boring and dull. 

Over 95% of people have artwork in their homes. Whether that is a Beautiful Canvas on the wall, photos of family and friends, or just a cool poster up on the wall, we know everyone loves sharing and looking at what they love every day. 

Our solution was, imagine if we could create beautiful artwork for men, women and the kids and everyone would love them! Well, that's exactly what we have done! 

We hope you enjoy this amazing artwork and design and pick something to go up on the wall that matches your personality! 

BKCanvas Team